The way you practice. The inner dialogue with yourself. Your breath. Your movement. How you handle your challenges. How you overcome the blocks and obstacles. The practice mirrors your inner reality.

Some people feel limited by their ‘abilities’. They like to pre-warn others what they cannot do (keeping in mind that this is different from having pre-existing medical conditions or injuries) and often the practice is like going into a ‘battle-field’.

Some people think they can do more than what they are given. They like to take on as many poses as possible because for them it is a sign of progression, never mind whether they are doing it correctly or not. More is better.

Some people are perfectionists. They want to be perfect in every single pose. There is no room for ‘wrong’ alignment.

Some people only want to practice because they enjoy the benefits from the practice. They are dedicated, committed, devoted and disciplined.

Regardless what your mental state is, the physical struggle is the same. We all go through the same roller coaster – the emotions are different but the process is the same.

How do we choose to deal with our inner ‘demons’ – the critics, the judgments, the ego, the stories, the lies, the ideology etc?

The more you practice the more you learn to appreciate the sense of peace and inner calmness it brings you. Your body knows exactly what needs to be done but it is the mind that is constantly chattering away.

Sharath mentioned during one of the conferences to practice dhyana (mindfulness and awareness) – to remain calm, focused, unaffected by external distractions – gossip, temptation, social media (unless it serves a good purpose).

Regularity and consistency in the practice will help cultivate steadiness and stability in our modern chaotic lifestyle. Don’t take shortcuts if you want to improve your practice.

Every obstacle you encounter on the mat provides you with an opportunity to overcome the physical and mental block. In a subtle way, it will also mirror back into your daily life challenges. Do you notice a similar pattern?

Be steadfast. Be patient. Real yoga comes from within. True transformation often happens off the mat.