I have a habit of watching interviews or reading articles before bed and work. Words and ideas shared by leaders, motivational speakers and teachers from all walks of life.

One morning, I came across this video by Robin Sharma, Savoring Life. Savor in everything that we are engaging in.

I thought he made a very good point of how we often tell our students about being in the present (now).

How often are you thinking about emails, lunch appointments, breakfast options, checking out others’ practice while you are on the mat?

So often we catch our minds running off somewhere else. It is as though we are the most boring person on earth that we can’t even bear to spend a moment to sit with ourselves.

I’ve observed too many students going through the motions on the mat because they think they have to (including my own practice!).

But why do we often do things half- heartedly?

Why do we always feel the need to rush to complete a task and often miss to experience the process?

Have you noticed that you usually patronize the same café every morning? You walk into the café looking forward to a cup of handcrafted coffee. You take a moment to enjoy the aroma before taking a sip. In that short period you probably felt a sense of  ‘simple joy’. And you may even think,  ‘Ahhhh! Happiness can be so simple.’

Why would you make an effort to buy that cup of coffee from the café when you can make it at home?

Probably because you appreciate the barrister who puts full attention just to make a worthy cup of coffee just for you.

Bring that same appreciation of yourself on the mat. Learn to see yourself as the person who is paying full attention to your own practice.  

When was the last time you were totally with yourself doing the practice?

That you were not thinking what’s behind or searching what’s ahead. You are simply riding on the flow of your breath through the whole practice.

Savor your practice;
Taste every sweetness and bitterness;
any flashes of excitement or dullness;
For not a moment you spend with yourself is ever wasted,
When you savor every up and down of your practice.