From gentle private sessions to dynamic Mysore practice, Corinne has taken a bold step out of her comfort zone to understand the practice wholesomely.

From countless falls to tripping over her feet this mild-tempered lady never stops trying.

Rather Corinne always appears eager to struggle through difficult poses. From once a week, she decided to step up her game by scheduling another day of practice in her routine.  

We say great effort Corinne! For every drop of sweat you squeeze, you deserve every bit of goodness!

Corinne comes to our regular weekend practice with her mum and younger sis. How sweet! Isn’t it?

1. Do you have any physical routine before you started regular yoga practice?
No I do not have a fixed exercise routine. I swim occasionally but that is very weather dependent. On days that I feel particularly unhealthy, I will go onto the stationary bike and cycle for half an hour.2. What is your favorite part of Ashtanga Mysore class?
The end of the class! That’s not just because the “pain” is over but I feel satisfied whenever I complete the practice, no matter how bad or good the practice went.

3. How long have you been practicing Ashtanga Yoga? What change have you observe in yourself over the period?
(Oops I do not really remember when I started…) For a start, I managed to do a backbend, something I could never do for the last 30 years. It may seem slow, but I got stronger both physically and emotionally. I became more disciplined, and would look forward to the practices. Adeline once said that even if someone looks like he/she is executing a pose perfectly, we would never know what internal struggles they are facing. Although I may not always understand, and I am still learning to, I try to empathize more and judge less.

4. What keeps you motivated on a regular practice?
The muscle aches that would come after every practice and also feeling the tension slip away as the class progresses.

5. What is/ are the poses you ( secretly) look forward to in the primary series?
Janu Shirshansana A-C. I always feel taller after those poses.  (Haha)